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"To me, photography is about capturing a small piece of the beautiful and exquisite natural world. I find nature, science, physics, chemistry, and biology all immensely poetic and mystical. Photography allows me to capture the magic of the purely natural world, be it plants, animals, rocks or space above. The cosmos is where we may look onward and upward to our futures, as well as backward to our ancient past. Reaching out, Reaching in, Reaching back to where we begin. Star dust, every one of us. We are enveloped by sun, moon, and stars. We exist in an ocean of entropy in the surrounding cosmic chaos. Yet here we are, order from chaos, for this one small moment that we have to live, laugh, and love."

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Dan Pope


“Tyson Chappell is one of Utah’s Photographic Champions. His nighttime use of ambient light from the stars (to light his scenes) is one of the most unique styles anywhere in the world.  Tyson Chappell your photography is an inspiration!  I have a great respect for your work. You have given me a new appreciation for photography of the night.“

Adam Caroll


On air: “This has got to be one of the most stunning and gorgeous shots you will EVER see here taken in the state of Utah. 

Shalee Johansen


"What an honor to have an emerging artist to represent. Tyson's photos captivate all who see them.


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